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Why Consider Reablement?

N-AbleUK is a support therapy service which helps you to adapt to your changed circumstances whilst accomplishing your daily tasks.

Our service benefits people who are recovering from an illness of injury such as:

  • Stroke
  • Post-operative patients (after experiencing a fall).
  • A break or fracture with reconstruction being required.
  • On set of Dementia or Alzheimers

N-Able UK has devised a pioneering reablement programme that combines the following 3 elements to help our clients rebuild confidence:

Our Support Workers:

Our rigorous recruitment process ensures support workers have an in-depth understanding of the psychological needs of people undergoing reablement.

The Best Occupational Therapists:

N-Able Uk have sourced the most qualified OT's to help assess you enabling you to reach your full potential so you achieve the best quality of life.

Quality Assistive Devices:

We can assist you to access household and mobility aids which will enhance your reablement programme. This will take the strain from everyday tasks and help you experience greater improvements in physical functioning, social inclusion and ultimately quality of life.

Benefits of Reablement

All support therapy is delivered in the comfort of your own home.

You keep independence

A continued sense of purpose and achievement.

Less time in hospital – away from home and loved ones.

It works – department of health data shows that successful reablement programmes reduce the need for long – term care with 68% of people no longer requiring any care at all upon completion of the programme.



An in depth understanding of the psychological needs of patients undergoing reablement treatment.


A proven track records of delivering support services.


A willingness to keep up to date with the latest best practice principles and development in Occupational therapy.


N-ABLE UK have sourced the most qualified OT’s to help assess you and then implement tailored treatment.


Teaming up with a well-respected distributor of assisted devices, we can help you access a variety of assistive products.


Our team are dedicated to progressing whilst maintaining your own independence during treatment.


N-Able Uk has been devised by the management team of Austen Allen Homecare, who are one of the fastest growing home care providers in Kent.

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