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Why Consider Reablement?

N-AbleUK is an effective intermediate care and support therapy service specifically designed for people who have recently encountered a need for hospital treatment or medical intervention.

It is often the case people discharged from hospital return home unable to walk or weight bare. Our service will provide practical reablement support for you to gain strength and independence in your day-to-day life.

The programme also enables people to adapt to their changed circumstances whilst being empowered to accomplish their daily tasks.

Mrs Redbridge

“I received outstanding support, my support worker was very attentive and made me feel comfortable. I felt reassured and supported throughout my programme. My support worker was very accessible, and we shared some great laughs through the process. Thank you for my treatment.”

Mr Alade

“Thank you for supporting my father, we couldn’t thank you more and are very pleased with his progress since he started his treatment; the independence he has regained has allowed him to live his life again and all we can say is we wish we had come across this service sooner.”

Miss A

“Where do I begin? My support worker had a bubbly yet professional approach. I was made to feel at ease and received very informative information explaining things so they made sense. I can’t fault the service provided and the independence I have regained has made such a difference to my life. I will definitely recommend the service to others.”

Who Do We Help?

Arthritis Reablement Dartford Kent

Arthritic Patients

N-AbleUK will introduce a range of new methods to support you to retain your independence at home. 

Hospital Discharged Patients Reablement Dartford Kent

Discharges From Hospital

Our dedicated Support Workers will incorporate prescribed physiotherapy exercises as part of your reablement programme.

Dementia Alzheimer Reablement Dartford Kent

People with onset Dementia or Alzheimer’s

We devise support strategies and activities to assist people and those around them to receive the best quality of life.

Tendency To Fall Reablement Dartford Kent

People with Tendencies to Fall

We provide recommendations for changes to
your home environment, which can include
assisting you to source devices and aids if

Stroke Patient Reablement Dartford Kent

Stroke Patients

During your rehabilitation, we support you to regain daily living skills, such as communication, personal care, and mobility.

N-AbleUK is a pioneering reablement programme devised in collaboration with occupational therapists, which provides a holistic approach to support people to rebuild their confidence with activities of daily living. Where necessary, N-ableUK collaborates with NHS healthcare professionals to provide greater outcomes for the people we support.

N-ableUK’s rigorous recruitment process ensures support workers have an in-depth understanding of the psychological needs of people undergoing reablement. They will support people to accomplish daily tasks at their own pace, reach their full potential and achieve the best quality of life.

What Are The Benefits Of Reablement?


All support therapy is delivered in the comfort of your own home.


Our programme enables you to keep your independence.


You will gain a continued sense of purpose and achievement.

Time At Home

You will spend less time in hospital, giving you more time with your loved ones. 

It Works

Our reablement programmes are proven to reduce the need for long-term care.

Data from SCIE shows:

92% of people who used home-based or reablement services maintained or improved
their dependency score (a measure of the help they need with activities of daily living).

72% of people did not move to a more dependent care setting.

88% of people using health based intermediate care services meet their goals (wholly or partially).

Our Support


An in depth understanding of the psychological needs of patients undergoing reablement treatment.

Proven Record

N-AbleUK has a proven track record of delivering pioneering support services not only physically but holistically.

Best Practices

We keep up to date with the latest best practice principles and development in physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Assistance

To ensure people achieve their identified outcomes, our programme offers support for people to engage with physiotherapy exercises, which are provided by the NHS.

Quality Devices

Teaming up with a well-respected distributor of assisted devices, we can help you access a variety of assistive products.



Our team is dedicated to enabling you to maintain your independence by supporting you to reach your goals.

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