Reablement Support Therapy Dartford Kent

About N-AbleUK

We were established in 2018.

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N-AbleUK was established in 2018 and devised by the management team of Austen Allen Homecare, who are one of the fastest growing home care providers in Kent and Medway.

Through extensive research the task force identified a large proportion of people who would benefit from this style of reablement care compared to traditional homecare.

N-AbleUK have collaborated with a highly experienced GP and fully qualified Physiotherapist to form our own advisory board which patients can benefit from whilst using our service. We also recommend people to JLinks who are a specialist provider of Community Physiotherapy.

Research indicates from mid-2018 to mid-2043, the number of people of pensionable age increases by 3.6 million, 30% (ONS,2018). This is at a time when most councils face inflationary cuts in social care spending, whilst the NHS operates under increasing pressures. By choosing reablement you can plan your future with confidence.